Winners and losers in the Apple vs. Samsung decision

Another chapter of the Apple-Samsung saga has unfolded with Samsung to pay a hefty $1 billion in damages to Apple. Is it the end of the patent wars between the two companies? Or should we expect that this battle will continue over the next few years?

What You Need To Know:

  • San Jose, California court has decided that Samsung has infringed on various Apple patents. Samsung is required to pay damages to Apple for exactly $1,051,850,000.
  • Aside from Apple, Nokia and Microsoft have reasons to smile with the court decision. As Android and Samsung will be suffering a huge blow from this decision, Nokia’s distinct Lumia line could expect a surge in sales.
  • Some believed that this decision will kill innovation, since it sends a chilling effect to other mobile companies.

Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones run on Android, and ISI Group analysts viewed the verdict as a blow to Android as much as Samsung.

If Android lose any ground in the mobile computing market, that would hurt Google, too. That’s because Google relies on Android to drive mobile traffic to its search engine and services to sell more advertising.
~ The Associated Press, Newsday


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