Andro and Geek communicate with and about artificial life forms of both high and low order.

Andro invites you to participate, inform, argue, rant, rave and disseminate. Together we’ll create the meatspace of the hive mind, and integrate it with Artificial Intelligence through Android and other gadgets.

From high order Android to smartphones of low order, AndroGeek is dedicated to bringing you the freshest AI news, reviews, and views. From the robotic to the cyberic to the humanoid, whatever the process, simulation base or agent, AndroGeek mission is to bring it to your attention fast.

Whether it’s up in the cloud or hitting the ground, AndroGeek will be profiling your tech dream and augmented-reality and the synchronicity between them that creates artificial life.

Smartphones are now a fact of life. AndroGeek has the latest on phones which use the Android-OS, ops and apps, Android 2.1, the iPhone and other Apple developments and aps, 3GS, BlackBerry, Nexus, PalmPre, Dell, Motorola, and more, from what’s here now to what’s coming in the near future. IPhone Apps and Smartphone-apps such as Sweet Dreams, WaveSecure, Microsoft SONGO, Secure SMS, AK Notepad, Gdocs, SnapTell, CoursePro and more, will be diligently pursued and reviewed by AndroGeek.

Operating systems, software and browsers are the interface between the meatspace and the A-I space. Whether it’s Android, Windows 7, Windows Mobile, WebOS, OSX, Opera Mobile, Ubuntu, Adobe AIR and Flash, SBP Mobile Shell Interaction Engine, Symbian or something not yet invented, you will hear it on AndroGeek first.

Games are better and more available than ever before, now that they’re on gaming consoles, computers and mobile, and whether it’s the games themselves, the hardware and software to play them, or the hardware and peripherals you use to beat them, AndroGeek is devoted to bringing you the up to the minute news, releases and reviews. Whether it’s the influence of the iPhone 3GS on Gaming, or the issues surrounding XBox-Live and Modern Warfare 2, you’ll find it on AndroGeek. Mods, hacks, cheats, downloads, consoles, platforms, devices and peripherals will all be found on AndroGeek.

The newest in Gadgets, from the Odroid to the HTC Touch Pro2 to Smart Cars to the newest Android entries to the Gadget Pack, AndroGeek will have the latest.

The intersection of Gadgets with the Cloud, from Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other social media to cloud devices at Google and Amazon, and all the aps that connect these and make your social life, augmented reality and real life easier, AndroGeek’s got it covered. Whether it’s #TweetCraft or the TwitterPeek, AndroGeek will inform and offer insight.

There is a lot of information out there about how to pull all this stuff together, use it, arrange it, hack it. and morph it into the droid of your dreams. AndroGeek brings you the best of the forums and sites that will allow you to get the geekspeak you need to pull it all together and make it work together.