5 Essential Android Apps for the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Whether you’re a casual observer of the upcoming presidential election or a full blown political junkie, here are five Android apps that will get you the information you want, monitor up-to-the-minute tracking polls and allow you to participate by having your voice heard.

1. Election Polls 2012

This free app provides current polling data, tracks individual senate elections, provides crisp charts and graphs that dig into the details, and it even delivers state-by-state contest info to keep you up to date of the national scene from the ground up.
Google Play (Free)

2. Election 2012

Learn about both local and national candidates and where they stand on the issues. This app provides unbiased coverage of the election madness including stories, headlines and videos.
Google Play (Free)

3. Parity Politics

Parity Politics provides real-time polling information from all major polling firms. Want to dig deeper? No problem. Instantly updated charts and graphs provide detail and nuance for the most inquisitive political wonk. You also receive news, editorials and articles from across the political spectrum. If you are looking for a lot of info and you want it independent and non-partisan, check out this app.
Google Play ($0.99)

4. Politifact

Ever get tired of trying to figure out if a politician is lying or telling the truth? That’s where Politifact’s Truth O Meter comes in. Using Pulitzer-prize-winning fact-checking, you’ll know who told the truth and who stretched it.
Google Play ($1.99)

5. Political Junkie

Billing itself as a one-stop political app, “Political Junkie” allows you to show how you feel about issues and events, provides forums to discuss and debate and the ability to stream news feeds.
These are our top five apps for the 2012 presidential election. Tell us what you think and send us your picks. We want to know.
Google Play (Free)