5 Best Racing Games for Android


Android users live their lives on the fast lane. We’re talking about faster processors, faster operating systems, and faster software applications. 

So what do Android geeks do when everything else around them gets slow and boring? Of course, they play games, and we mean racing games – the ones that bring excitement, thrill, and euphoria. Today, we bring to you five of the best racing games on Android.

But before we start our engines, we’d like to point out that we’ve chosen the games based on the following criteria: gameplay, graphics, feedback, and price. Gameplay covers the aspects of the game including game mechanics and playability. Graphics, on the other hand, includes 3D animations and game engines used, while feedback refers to the overall score of the app on Google Play.

Of course, we’ve considered the price of the apps as well. Although the freemium model works, users want to know if they are truly getting the real value of their money.

Hence, here are the 5 best racing games for Android. Enjoy!

1. Hill Climb Racing


First on our list is Hill Climb Racing. With a 4.7 out of 5 score on Google Play, and with no more than 50 million downloads, Hill Climb Racing has to be one of the best racing game ever. Developed by Fingersoft, Hill Climb Racing brings the user into the world of Newton Bill, a young aspiring uphill racer who embarks on a journey to only-God-knows-where.

The gameplay features real-life physics simulation. Although the graphics is a bit cartoonish, it’s still an excellent game considering the 11 stages and game upgrades. And watch out for those bumps, or you’ll break Newton’s neck. Snap!! Oh you just did it.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play

2. Riptide GP


Next on the list is Riptide GP. If you love water racing, this game is a must-have. Riptide GP is developed by Vector Unit, the developers of other popular games such as Beach Buggy Blitz and Shine Runner. With a 4.6 score and 500 thousand downloads, Riptide GP is worthy to be on our list. The game features spectacular water physics and very detailed graphics.

The controls are also very easy. Throttle your favorite vehicle by swiping down and perform stunts by doing the simple gesture commands. Riptide GP features 12 different levels, 3 game modes, and various jet skis to choose from. The game does come with a price. At $1.99, Riptide GP is the perfect racing game for Android users.

Price: $1.99
Download: Google Play

3. BMX Boy


BMX Boy is another worthy contender in our list. As the name of the game suggests, the game brings the user into the world of a BMX junkie. Help him do death-defying stunts, jump over obstacles, and make him land safely on the tracks. Of course, don’t forget to get that high score. BMX Boy features 3 different terrains, 90 cool tricks, and a slew of levels to enjoy.

We’d like to point out that the graphics of the game needs more work. But the game gets a high score for its gameplay and price, which is free by the way. BMX Boy has a 4.6 rating on Google Play and it has been downloaded roughly 50 million times. You might also want to check out Skater Boy, another game developed by Runner Games.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play

4. CSR Racing


If you are a fan of Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing game, then consider this game from Natural Motion Games. Enter CSR Racing, an ala-Drag Racing game but with better graphics and gameplay. True to what it promises, CSR Racing combines “stunning graphics with addictive gameplay to create a new type of racing experience.”

Graphics is easily the winner here, and the cars, ooh the Audis, the Bentleys, the BMWs, and the Nissans, are surreal, as we would like to put it. Gamers can race their dream car with other players. They can also upgrade their ride with turbos, nitrous injection and aerodynamic tweaks to outsmart other opponents. With a 4.5 score on Google Play and over 5 million downloads, CSR Racing should keep every racing fan busy and happy.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play

 5. Trial Xtreme 3


Last but definitely not the least is Trial Xtreme 3. Although its developers has released different versions of the game, Trial Xtreme 3 is probably their best. Instead of taking users into waterways, hills, and streets, Trial Xtreme 3 brings the user into different motor racing courses, with crazy obstacles here and there.

Gameplay is not so bad either, as the controls are quite slick and responsive. Users can also upgrade their bike and character to ensure a win. The game features 12 free levels, but you can unlock other levels for a price. With a 4.4 feedback score and over 50 million downloads, Trial Xtreme 3 should bring out the daredevil in you.

Price: Free
Download: Google Play

There you have it. You have just witnessed the best racing games on Android. These games should keep your life on the fast lane. If you have any suggestions,or if you know other great racing games, please feel free to drop your comments below. Remember that the winner ain’t the one with the fastest car, but it’s the one who refuses to lose. Cheers!