Angry Birds Seasons to feature a new cute bird

A new bird is joining the gang. Simply known as Pink Bird, the new character will soon be added on Angry Birds Seasons. Don’t let the cute looks fool you. The Pink Bird is equipped with tiny bubbles to fight her piggy adversaries.

What You Need To Know:

  • There is no definite date when the new bird is added to the lineup. Although, the update is titled with “Back to School”. So it is expected that it will be released before the school starts.
  • It is still unclear how Pink Bird’s bubbles will turn out in the actual game. The video released by Rovio shows Pink Bird shooting egg-shaped bubbles to distract the pigs.
  • The Angry Birds: Back to School is the 13th update for the game. Rovio is also gearing to release the Angry Birds: Red Planet update this summer.


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