IDC: Android dominates mobile market in Q2

Google’s Android has experienced tremendous growth last quarter. According to the Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report from research firm IDC, more than two-thirds of smartphones shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2012 were Android handsets.

What You Need To Know:

  • Out of the estimated 154 million smartphones shipped in Q2, 104.8 million, or 68.1 percent were Android-based phones. This represents a 106.5 percent increase from last year.
  • Apple’s iOS has estimated shipments of about 26 million phones, or 16.9 percent, in Q2.
  • Combined numbers for Android and iOS makes up a total of 85 percent market share.
  • The third most popular is the BlackBerry OS, with estimated shipments of 7.4 million. This represents a 4.8 market share.
  • The biggest gainer in Q2 is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, which has experienced a 115.3 percent increase from last year. Windows Phone 7 has estimated shipments of 5.4 million from 2.5 million of the same period last year.


Android smartphone share quadruples iOS in Q2

Android climbs to 68.1% market share in Q2 2012
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Android and IOS Dominate Mobile Market, Says IDC

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