Motorola to ditch Webtop concept

Just as expected, Motorola is ditching Webtop. Motorola recently made a statement to CNET that it officially killed off its Webtop concept, which enabled Motorola smartphones to serve as the brains of a Lapdock or TV.

What You Need To Know:

  • The Webtop concept was first revealed in the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. It featured its flagship phone, the Atrix 4G, to power a special laptop device called Lapdock.
  • Many believed that the feature would become Motorola’s competitive advantage in a tight smartphone market. However, the acceptance of the concept remains weak. Consumers were discouraged with the $500 price tag of the phone and the laptop dock.
  • Another criticism of the concept was its speed and substandard user experience.


Motorola confirms death of Webtop, laptop accessories

It is official, Motorola has finally announced that they’ve killed off Webtop
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