Fixing RCS Messages Not Sending (Troubleshooting Guide)

Are you having trouble with RCS messages not sending on your Android?

Frustrating right?

Especially when you’re counting on the fancy Rich Communication Services (RCS) features.

So let’s fix those messaging glitches shall we?

Below we’ll show you some step-by-step solutions to help get your messaging back on track, from checking connection status to clearing storage for the Google Messages and Carrier Services apps. Keep reading!

Troubleshooting Steps for Fixing RCS Messages Not Sending

Having trouble sending RCS messages? Try toggling Chat Features and restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, clear storage for Google Messages and Carrier Services to resolve the issue.

Toggle Chat Features and restart

Turning off chat features and then turning them back on can sometimes fix RCS messaging issues. First, open your Android Messages app. Next, go to its settings and find the option for Chat Features.

Here, turn off chat features by tapping the switch. Then restart your phone. After it boots up, follow the same steps to turn chat features back on. This process forces a reconnection to the RCS network which may solve problems with messages not sending.

Clearing storage for Google Messages and Carrier Services is another effective strategy if restarting doesn’t work. Go into your phone’s Settings app, select Apps or Application Manager, then find Google Messages or Carrier Services.

Choose “Storage” and then tap on “Clear Storage” or “Clear Data.” Doing this removes any temporary files that might be causing connectivity problems with RCS messaging. Keep in mind to check your data connection afterward since a stable internet connection is crucial for RCS chats to function properly.

Clear Storage for Google Messages

To fix issues with RCS messages not sending on Google Messages, try clearing the app’s storage. This can resolve glitches and delivery problems associated with RCS messaging. Open “Settings,” select “Apps,” then choose “Google Messages.” Tap on “Storage” and then select “Clear Storage” to free up space and potentially resolve messaging issues related to RCS.

By clearing the storage for Google Messages, users can troubleshoot problems such as messages not sending or being stuck in a loop. This step can help address specific glitches within the app that may be causing trouble with RCS messaging.

It is advisable to perform this action when encountering challenges with delivering RCS messages through Google Messages.

Clear Storage for Carrier Services

To clear storage for Carrier Services, go to Settings, then Apps & Notifications. Next, tap on See all apps and select Carrier Services. Then, tap on Storage and Clear Storage. This can help resolve issues with RCS messaging not sending or receiving properly.

It’s a quick way to troubleshoot problems with RCS messaging on Android devices.

Remember that clearing the storage for Carrier Services might delete some data related to the app. Also, this process varies slightly depending on the device and Android version used but generally follows these steps.

Other Potential Solutions

– Reset Network Options to troubleshoot connectivity issues and enhance message delivery.

– Disable RCS Completely for a potential quick fix in case of persistent sending problems.

Reset Network Options

Resetting network options can help fix connectivity issues for RCS messaging. This step involves clearing saved network settings and reconnecting to the mobile network, often resolving problems with sending and receiving messages over RCS.

In some cases, it can address issues with message delivery as well as connectivity problems associated with T-Mobile or other cellular services.

After resetting network options, be sure to check if your RCS messaging is functioning properly by attempting to send a test message. If the issue persists, consider trying additional troubleshooting steps or contacting your carrier for further assistance in resolving SMS and RCS messaging problems on your Android device.

Disable RCS Completely

To disable RCS completely on your Android device, go to your messaging app settings. Look for “Chat Features” or “RCS Chat” and turn it off. This will revert your messaging back to standard SMS/MMS rather than using the enhanced features of RCS.

Keep in mind that by doing this, you may lose access to certain advanced messaging functionalities such as typing indicators, read receipts, and higher resolution media sharing through RCS.

If experiencing persistent issues with sending messages via RCS, disabling it completely can serve as a temporary fix while awaiting any potential updates or fixes from Google Messages or carrier services.

It’s crucial to assess the trade-offs between advanced features and message delivery reliability when considering whether to disable RCS entirely due to ongoing delivery issues with TMobile or other carriers.

Keep Trying to Re-enable Chat Features

If your RCS messaging isn’t working, keep tapping on “Retry” or “Verify your number” in the settings to re-enable chat features. This can help re-establish the connection and resolve issues with sending RCS messages.

Also, ensure that your data connection is strong when attempting to enable chat features and don’t forget to check if your Google Messages app is up-to-date, as updating could potentially fix any issues with enabling chat features.

Remember to persistently attempt to turn on these features until successful.

Continue troubleshooting by toggling off and then back on the Chat Features in Google Messages settings until it’s enabled successfully. It’s important for seamless communication through RCS messaging that users try multiple times to re-enable this feature after every failed attempt due to disconnections or connectivity hiccups.

Check RCS Connection Status

To troubleshoot RCS messaging issues, check the RCS connection status on your device. This can be done by opening the Google Messages app, tapping on the three-dot menu, selecting “Settings,” then “Chat features.” Here, you should see if the chat features are connected or attempting to connect.

It’s important to ensure that a stable data connection is available when checking the RCS connection status. If there are any connectivity issues, resolving them may help in fixing problems with sending and receiving RCS messages.

If troubleshooting steps don’t fix issues with sending RCS messages and your chat features remain disconnected, it’s advisable to seek further assistance from your service provider or relevant support channels for more tailored guidance in resolving these concerns related to RCS messaging not sending.

Check Default Messaging App

When troubleshooting RCS messaging issues, check if Google Messages is set as the default messaging app on your Android device. Go to the settings of your device and navigate to “Apps” or “Applications.” From there, select “Default Apps” or “Default Applications,” then choose the option for “Messaging” and ensure that Google Messages is set as the default app for handling text messages.

This step helps ensure that RCS messaging features are properly integrated with the default messaging app, which can affect message sending and receiving functionality. It’s important to verify this setting to enable seamless use of RCS messaging through Google Messages.

In some cases, users may inadvertently change their default messaging app, leading to issues with RCS messages not sending or receiving correctly. Verifying and adjusting this setting can be a crucial step in resolving problems related to RCS messaging functionality on Android devices.


In tackling issues with RCS messaging, try these troubleshooting steps. Ensure Chat Features are toggled and restart the app. Clear Google Messages and Carrier Services storage, or reset network options if needed.

You can disable RCS completely or keep trying to re-enable Chat Features. Check the RCS connection status and default messaging app for any glitches. These steps should help fix most issues related to sending RCS messages on Android devices.

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