Should Android manufacturers fret over the new iPhone?

The anticipated iPhone 5 is finally out. Prior to the unveiling, numerous rumors surfaced which definitely intensified the hype. To sum up, the iPhone 5 is pretty much an upgrade to the iPhone 4S, no big surprises here. Consumers should expect more Android product launchings from now on.

What You Need To Know:

  • The iPhone 5 features an A6 processor which is two times faster than the iPhone 4S chipset.
  • The new iPhone also has a bigger display than its predecessor at 4-inch display with 1,136 x 640 resolution, but it falls short compared to close rival Samsung Galaxy S3 which has 4.8-inch with 1,280 x 720 resolution.
  • The iPhone 5 also features an improved 8MP camera with additional shooting modes like panorama and burst mode. It is still too early to tell if it’s the best camera on a smartphone today until sample shots will be shown. Other worthy contenders would be the Nokia Lumia 920 and the LG Optimus G.
  • The new iPhone does not have NFC support. Perhaps Apple has other plans regarding mobile payment system.
  • Prices start at $199 and pre-orders begin on Friday, September 14th.

It will be interesting to see how the big Android manufacturers react to this and how quickly they look to push out new devices to compete. The iPhone 5 looks like a perfectly decent phone, but it seems unlikely that it will provoke panic in the competition.
~ Simon Hill, Android Authority


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