Top 10 MMO Games for Android Phones & Tablets (Part 1)

As phones and tablets become more powerful, the ability for developers to create more impressive games for phones & tablets has become much easier.

Now, Google Play is loaded with games including hundreds of MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online) titles. While all that choice is welcome, it does make it difficult to sort out the good from the waste of precious storage space.

Not to fear! We’re here to show you the Top 10 MMO’s for your Android. Let’s get started with the first 5!

10. Pocket Legends


The talented team at Spacetime Studios has created multiple mobile MMO’s (several of which are on this list), but their first still stands the test of time. Released in 2011, Pocket Legends is a massive RPG where you create a character from one of three classes. Those animalistic classes are Bear (melee/sword), Hawk (ranged/archer), and female Elf (sorceress/magic). There are hundreds of quests, dungeons, and time that can be spent exploring this fantasy world. Almost all the quests can be completed in cooperation with other players without having to search for them, as well as even having online multiplayer in the form of Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Best of all, Pocket Legends is free-to-play with microtransactions, meaning you can get in and enjoy this game without ever paying anything.

9. The Saga of Conquest


Aupuiwan has developed a classic looking MMO in The Saga of Conquest. Featuring Japanese anime-style 2D sprites, this is a MMO for the classic game lover. Saga of Conquest features 4 races and 5 classes. The races you can choose from are Nordic, Eastland, Atlantis, and Maya. The 5 classes are Warrior, Fighter, Wizard, Hunter, and Artificer. The combat is turn-based similar to what you’d expect from the classic Final Fantasy games. Saga of Conquest is free-to-play with no strings attached.

8. Midgard Rising


Veraxon has created a mobile MMO that is a prequel to their other game, World of Midgard. Midgard Rising is a true 3D MMO that is for the hardcore gamers that enjoy a challege. Featuring 6 races in the form of Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Dark Elf, and Blood Drak and 5 classes which are Confessor, Fighter, Mage, Rogue, and Templar. The game is inspired and influenced by Norse mythology and features cooperative raiding and dungeons. Midgard Rising is free and still in beta, meaning there may be bugs which should be reported on their forum site.

7. WinterSun


For a true classic 8-bit MMO, look no further than WinterSun. Developed by one man, the game features day and night cycles in the likeness of the 8-bit you grew up with and loved. The game is still in the Alpha phase of development, but the developer, Ian Hawkins, has released it early for the community to provide feedback for what they would like to see in it. WinterSun is free to download.

6. Haypi Kingdom


For the real-time strategy lovers out there, Haypi Kingdom may be for you. You start off as a Lord of your city with resources, troops, trading, and buildings to manage. Your city is apart of a large World Map with other players all around you. You can build your armies and attack your neighbors or befriend them and join in an Alliance with them. The game features world chat, alliance chat, and private chats for socializing and planning. You can pick between four classes of troops to build your army with (Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and Siege). Haypi Kingdom is free and definitely for those that enjoy strategy.

Get Playing!

Those are your first 5 games from our list of the Top 10 MMO’s on Google Play.

From 8-bit to strategy to Norse fantasy, there are many games to choose from.

You can now check out Part 2 where we list 5 more MMO’s including games that feature space, monster hunting, and a mobile World of Warcraft.

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