A Wii version of Capcom’s ‘Resident Evil 5’ still not in sight

Joystiq reminds us all that

Resident Evil 5 on Wii ‘isn’t likely,’ still ‘possible’

“Capcom Chief Producer Masachika Kawata was asked […] a Wii version of Capcom’s fantabulously successful Resident Evil 5. Kawata responded that while the Resident Evil 4 engine would work “perfectly” to recreate the gameplay of Resident Evil 5, the graphical quality of the PS3 and 360 versions couldn’t be matched.

I have searched the web [Google video search results “Resident Evil 5” AND Wii] especially on Youtube I’ve found quite something interesting

have a look by yourself


Resident Evil 5 Wii Speculations

Resident Evil 5 on Wii Petition

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