Set Up Google 2-Step Verification For Better Android Security [How-To]

Want a more secure Gmail experience? What you need is Google’s 2-Step Verification which gives you an extra level of security on your Google accounts. Instead of logging in with only your username and password, you will also need to enter a code from Google that can only be sent to you through either text […]

Top Smartphone eBook and Book Apps for Android

eBooks logically started with the PC before migrating to laptops and then netbooks. Soon after, dedicated ebook readers such as’s Kindle and the Sony Reader came onto the scene. Now, however, consumers are looking to get more out of the gadgets they already own. This has brought ebooks to smartphones. While the iPhone definitely […]

Google stops investigating into Nexus One bug [Spotty 3G]

Google Support on the NexusOne bug: “…we are no longer investigating further engineering improvements” Image taken via Gizmodo post You also should check out this Google Support Forum thread “Spotty 3G Part 2?“

Google Android 2.2 plus automatic-app-updates spotted in the wild

Exactly Google Android 2.2  has been spotted in analytics data on a HTC Magic. Rumors could be right that the latest Android OS version will have ‘automatic app updates’ Image via Mobiflip Also interesting is that Android 2.2 could be on the way with automatic-app-updates Mobiflip Blog mentioned that “the Android is clearly a new or revised […]

Top Smartphone eBook and Book Apps for iPhone

It would seem as though smartphones are becoming the next biggest e-book platform. Recent news of ebook apps now exceeding the number of games on platforms like Apple’s iPhone and iPod. According to Mobclix, there are more than 27,000 app-based books available on Apple’s App Store, with games falling behind at 25,400, and entertainment at a […]

Android 2.1 Snapdragon HTC Desire Coming in Late April

Softbank, Japan’s largest broadband provider announced the launch of “HTC Desire (X06HT)” for the late April 2010. Softbank’s first Android smart phone will come along with Android 2.1 HTC Desire X06HT (SoftBank / HTC): via Weekly ASCII (Japan) Softbank X06HT Specs 3.7” AMOLED touchscreen with a WVGA resolution. 5Mpix CMOS Camera module with AL & LED Flash […]

New Trailer Gran Turismo 5 “Nights”

Polyphony Digital, GT5’s developer, promised over 1k vehicles to race. There will be around 20 main tracks available in it and the variation of such tracks will bring the total number to 70. Already in development for about 5 years, Gran-Turismo-5 is one of the most promising racing games we are waiting for. Image via […]

GBA & Quake III on ODROID with Android 2.1 [Video]

ODROID handheld game console is an Android powered entertainment device. The Korea-based company HardKernel debuts its ODROID device in September 2009, and by late October, SlashGear was reporting that the first run of developer units have already sold out at around $300. ODROID does have a pretty snappy ARM Cortex A8 processor from Samsung clocked at 833mhz, with […]

WinMo tweaked again, Ubuntu on a HTC Touch Pro 2

Can you install every Operating System on Windows Mobile devices? When you can live with small fonts and a tiny screen on your WinMo this is a geeky way to install Ubuntu on your smartphone. Ubuntu on the HTC Touch Pro2 Video via Pocketnow Btw this is already available for the X1 via X1BUNTU (“UBUNTU 8.04 for X1 […]

One of the worlds cheapest Laptop for $65

Firstview Electronic HK Limited presents their Android based Laptop for $65 on CeBIT 2010 in Hannover, Germany The website load is very slow when you compare it with more expensive Laptops, but you can buy for $65 in the Chinese factories when you order this Laptop in large quantities. $65 Android Laptop Specs: Android low […]