How To: Install Your Favorite Themes On An Android Phone or Tablet

The future of the mobile phone is here with the new Android phones. These phones are much more advanced than any other phones on the market, and though there are different brands of Android phones they all seem to function pretty much the same with a few minor differences.

If you have an Android phone you most likely know about themes and wallpapers that you can download to your phone, but installation can be risky and cause a lot of damage to your phone if you do not read the instructions and follow proper installation procedures.


Here you will find a simple process to install themes on your Android phone. Make sure that you pay attention and do as the instructions say.

Instructions for Installing Themes on Your Android

1. Rename the theme to

  • Themes usually come in .zip format with a title. It is important to change file name to You will need to right click file, and then right click again to rename.
  • If you have multiple themes that you want to download, just download them to a separate folder and remember to follow the instructions and download them to the SD card and then rename with

2. To the root of your SD card, copy

  • You need to copy to the root of your SD card and not to a folder but directly on the letter drive.

3. Reboot the phone in recovery mode

  • Press and hold the power/end call button.
  • When the power is off, press and hold the power and home buttons.
  • Continue to hold these buttons until the phone vibrates and the Android image or logo appears.
  • Release the buttons and wait for the recovery screen.

4. Make sure that you do an Android backup on your phone.

  • An Android backup is available on the cyanogen mod and can be used in case you wish to restore your Android phone to the original state.
  • Scroll to and select Android vX.X or Alt+B
  • Wait for a few minutes until your phone displays ‘backup complete’ on the screen.

5. Now you can apply the theme to you phone

  • Scroll and select or Alt+A
  • Press the home button to confirm
  • Wait until the screen says install from ‘sdcard complete’.

6. Finally scroll and select reboot now (home+back)

  • It may take about 5-10 minutes for your phone to reboot with the new information.

Remember, you can only install themes on a rooted Android phone. This will make a difference in how your phone functions. Some downloaded themes will create problems with your ROM and slow down the function of your phone. There is always a risk in downloading information to any device, but be extra careful in where you choose to get your downloads from. You want to use a reliable source that doesn’t have any viruses attached to the files that can compromise your entire system. It is best if you are not sure how to install or what to install to leave it to a professional.

The themes and wallpapers you choose to download to your phone is a matter of personal taste. You can find theme and wallpaper areas in several Forums we have reviewed.

The Dark Dream theme is an interesting one with a lot of graphics that a bit futuristic in appearance. But if you like themes like this you can easily find them by searching themes and wallpapers for Android phones online and find a whole host of applications you can use on your Android phone.

Modern technology has made it possible to communicate in more than one or two ways. There are now many ways to communicate and stay in touch with friends and family. The Android phones are proving rather popular with users as they apply all the neat themes and wallpapers to give their phones a personal touch. Many like the new features that these phones have compared to the older phones will pre-installed wallpaper and graphics.

The Android phones are quickly becoming the norm among many users as the older versions of mobile phones are being tossed out. Android phones are the wave of the future and though they may not be perfect they do provide better functionality, more graphics and overall perform better than the average mobile phone. The web based application is also a great feature that the public is raving about. The ability to use a realistic keyboard and surf the web is simply amazing. Some say they don’t know how they got along without it.