The Microsoft Turtle Project Pink [Image]

The Microsoft Turtle aka PB10ZU has a unique design look all its own.

When the first rumors of Project Pink leaked out last fall, the most interesting phone detailed was a little slider named the Turtle. Is this Microsofts Avatar moment, the company made flesh. Sharp, who cut their teeth building the Sidekick way back when, should release the phone in March, probably with direct Microsoft involvement.

And the phone they were supposed to make. MobileCrunch Remember when people were all excited about Microsofts weird tablet stuff. So the dots likely are being connected to whatever it is Microsoft ends up announcing this at Mobile World Congress. You can clearly see it’s manufactured by Sharp, which, as we all know, also manufactured the Sidekick, which Microsoft later purchased.

Look what was just seen poking its head out of its shell for the Federal Communications Commission.

Apparently, Turtle is somehow related to Project Pink and Windows Mobile 7

Idea via Gizmodo and Engadget