Modifying ‘Google Maps Navigation’ Android-app for Non-U.S.

Google Maps Navigation in-depth instructions for those who are living outside the United States


Yesterday before I wrote a post about ‘Google Maps Navigation’ update is available for the Android.

Right now the Google Maps Navigation Android-app is officially only in the USA available

Sadly, the service is still U.S.-only, and Google warns that it’s still in beta,...”

via Techcrunch

But here is the solution, for people who are not living in the US, but also want to navigate with Google Maps on their Android.

Thanks to h3g3mon, for his comment on Google Maps Navigation’ update is…, he mentioned

[Think Tank #2 – SOLVED” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> Modifying Maps to enable Navigation outside USA as solution for all non-US citizens.

Edit: Solution
Brut.all and TAPP got it working. Here are some more in-depth instructions for those of you having issues: …”

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BTW here is the Google Sky Map Android-app NJoy