No native apps on Windows Phone 7 Series

No native apps allowed in Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 is only three days old, but leaked docs from Microsoft supposed to show that the requirements for the developer have turned up (via XDA-Developers)

#WP7 will use both Silverlight and XNA, this decision makes sense it will it the Xbox 360 integration.

Microsoft has been rebuilt their Mobile devices Windows-Mobile from the ground-up, the result could be described as the Zune Phone, the Zune HD has impressed many people

The only allowed apps will be:

  • XNA-written apps – mainly for games and full screen immersed apps, that don’t use standard controls; XNA uses .NET technology (managed, not native)
  • .NET apps (probably Silverlight?) without possibility to invoke native API, i.e. only “managed” APIs allowed

MSMobile via wmpoweruser

Applications that were made for Windows Mobile 6 are compatible with Windows Phone 7 Series.

via xda-developers

Developers though, can look forward to Microsoft’s legendary documentation and support.

Windows Phone 7 Series Features Video

The old Windows Mobile name is now gone, replaced by a longer name Windows-Phone-7-Series.

I have seen WiPho 7 or “Could WinPho7 Be a Contender?” around the web, which one is your favorite?