Windows Mobile 7: No flash at initial launch

Microsoft tries to show that its phones can still compete with those of Google and Apple but their new smartphone OS flagship Windows Phone 7 will not support Flash at initial launch

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Windows Mobile 7 Won’t Get Flash according to Informationsweek and Engadget Adobe confirms no Flash in Windows Mobile 7 (updated).

“Update: Sorry kids, we have independent confirmation: Windows Phone 7 will not support Flash at initial launch.”

HTC will build the  first ‘Windows Phone 7’ smartphone in Q4

Engadget is still the greatest source in the Blogosphere for latest news

Today they unearthed the first ‘Windows Mobile 7 Serie‘ screenshots.

Screenshots via “Windows Mobile 7 interface and device leaked on MWC banners

It seems that the iPhone has shaken the mobile industry even more than we had thought. Handset designers like HTC and LG may have been hand-picked to develop flagship phones and could show early forms of these at Mobile World Congress, Microsoft will seek to show that its phones can still compete with those of Google and Apple.

Today “Windows Phone 7 Series – It’s official !

Chances remain that the company will only shown Windows Mobile 6.6 or similar, though these have been increasingly downplayed in recent weeks. Microsoft has had to implement two yearly stopgap updates to Windows Mobile 6 as delays in version 7 have left it trailing behind in user interface, touchscreen support, media and web browsing. Many of the changes are commonly assumed to be reactions to Android and iPhones eating into Windows Mobile’s market share.

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