Android tablet Hivision SpeedPad for $99?

Hivision SpeedPad for under $100 at CEBIT (Video) Awesome, Hivision will sell the SpeedPad for under $100 Check the specifications 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution LCD touchscreen, Samsung ARM11 800MHz processor 2GB of storage 256 DDR2 RAM platform is Android. It has WiFi b/g, external 3G Bluetooth GPS dongle connectivity 4200mAh battery (6 h) Here is the […]

Android 2.1 capability for current US AnDroid phones (table)

Current Android Models on Sale in the US (Image) G1, myTouch 3G/LE, Cliq/XT, Behold II, CDMA Hero, Moment, Droid, Droid Eris, Backflip Which Android phones will definitely get Android 2.1 confirmation from Sprint that the Hero and Moment on their network will be getting Android 2.1 “early Q2 2010?. Motorola Droid and the Cliq will […]

Windows Phone 7 skin for your WinMo [LeSScro Video]

Windows Phone 7 skin LeSScro series for older WinMo phones Skin WAD 2.x, Windows Phone 7 series LeSScro design with lot of fetaure supported… like Stocks… podcast…streaming… Meteo & more… via “Hasty hacker hobbles together a Windows Phone 7 skin …” MobileCrunch via XDA-Developer (WP7 – LeSScro edition) Do you like this skin?

Android and iPhone Apps downloads are similar (Image)

The adMob report “January 2010 Mobile Metrics Report” shows  that Google Android Apps downloads are approaching the iPhone app downloads Android Market is still the underdog to Apple’s App Store, and consumers considering an Android handset are likely turning to the web to scope out the applications available on Android to see how they compare to […]

Security Risks On Smartphones [Video]

Scientists from Rutgers University started this Rootkits on smart mobile phone project Our next threat is a rootkit on our smart-phone Security Threats for Smart Phone Users Will the next smartphone generation be attacked in the same manner as a Desktop “… with the potential to cause more serious consequences” via YOUtube Is this the […]

Android Market: Google Earth for Android

Google Earth for Android phone available on the Android Market and Androlib Android User eagerly awaited the release of the Google Earth app for the Android phone. (When will google earth be available on Android???) For exploring the world from the Android smartphone in your hand,  flying around the planet, view the same 3D imagery […]

Download the new Facebook 1.2 Windows-Mobile app

Here is the new updated Facebook application for all Windows Mobile owner to download download via Marketplace Windows Phone Screenshots More (via Softpedia) The Native Facebook App from Windows Mobile 6.5

Rooting your Android with AllDroid Community Rom (video)

This AllDroid Dark Beta 0.3 release is based on Android 2.1 one with Launcher2 This is a community custom ROM from the Alldroid community they are trying to keep this ROM as “functional”, which updates based upon Android 2.1. I would recommend that you are a developer or that you are very experienced with rooting your Droid phone. […]

Android 2.1 based T-mobile Pulse mini introduced at MWC

Pulse mini introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona by T-Mobile UK A tiny version of the T-Mobile Pulse with a 2.83 QVGA resistive display isn’t an exciting news for the gadget geeks. The most important thing to know is, that it will be shipped with Android 2.1 . Presently, T-Mobile has not offered any contract […]

Motorola Droid OTA Android 2.1 update

Motorola Droid OTA Android 2.1 update appeared in the wild Motorola has realized that there is a big frustration growing with their subscriber base outside, not only because of the delays with their software upgrade releases, but also the lack of information they have shown in the last month. This [RELEASE] OFFICIAL OTA 2.1 DROID […]