What is Android? An Introductory Guide

If you’ve gone into a mobile phone store or a PC store chances are you ran into the word “Android” a couple of times. Or you might have been looking for an upgrade to your old brick phone and all you see are flat shiny touch-screen phones powered by you guessed it Android. So what […]

Android Boom at MWC 2012

As the annual World Mobile Congress is almost over in Barcelona, here are our picks for the top Android stories from MWC 2012: HTC One Series: 4 phones, Android 4.0, 25GB Dropbox, Beats Audio There’s only so many names you can come up with, so HTC has decided to take a different approach going forward. […]

Top Android News from CES 2012

As the annual consumer electronics mega show draws to a close in Vegas, here are our picks for the top Android stories from CES 2012: Google’s Matias Duarte Reveals Design Standards for Android 4.0 at CES 2012 Android Design is a online repository for the UI guidelines and blueprints for version 4.0, which we learned […]

9 Smartphone video comparisons: “All roads lead to Motorola-Droid”

The ‘Motorola Droid’ caught a lot of attention in the last months, therefore I thought to research the web a bit to make this YouTube video, comparison review list. Most of the information in this post are about ‘Motorola Droid‘ comparison with the BlackBerry Storm 2, the Nokia N97/ 900 and my other favorite Droid the […]

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