Weekly Android Wrap-Up: Issue 004

Market domination leads to investigations, digital LEGOs, Motorola’s new device army and when marinally realizing metal phones are awesome! All of this and more in the AndroGeek newsletter for the week of August 11th.


80% Off Android Programming Beginner’s Course ~ Android Authority
From business management to underwater basket weaving, Udemy has online courses to teach just about anything. Until August 27th, Android Authority has dropped the price of their Android Programming course to just $19. For less than the cost of a dinner with friends you can start building your own apps!

NVidia shows off new 64-bit Tegra K1 “Denver” for Android ~ Android Authority
64-bit processing is slowly making its way to mobile devices. NVidia’s latest chipset promises PC-like performance for ARM devices. Android Authority breaks down the specfics on what could be a game changer for mobile processing.

These Charts Show How Android is Demolishing Apple in the Key European Smartphone Markets ~ Business Insider
A recent study shows that Android is dominating Europe with more than 70% of the market share in Germany, U.K., France, Italy and Spain. Business Insider breaks down the specifics in it’s recent post. But this could point to potential problems on the horizon, as evidenced in our next article.

Google Back on Europe’s Hit List Over Android OS Abuses ~ TG Daily
While Android fans might be rejoicing over the fact that Android is dominating the mobile market, The Tech Guru reports that European regulators are gearing up to make sure that Google isn’t abusing its power.

Google’s Got an Open Source Android Problem ~ ReadWrite
Fans of Android are often quick to criticize the closed ecosystem touted by Apple. But freedom and open source software isn’t without its drawbacks. From fragmentation to monetization, the rapidly changing face of Android and all its variants could be causing more problems than initially thought.


Androids Continue to Gain in the Enterprise ~ PC Advisor
PC Advisor UK reports that a recent study indicated that Good Technology has seen mobile activations of Android devices rise to 32% while Apple devices saw a 5% decrease in Q1 of 2014. Figures match IDC’s findings in mobile purchasing trends as well.

Google, HP Discuss Android Assistance for the Workplace ~ Business Insider
Google is already revamping many of it’s Google Apps for enterprises, now talks have begun on how to leverage information tools, such as Google Now, within the workplace. If things go Google’s way, “OK, Google” could be far more useful than just weather and sports scores at the office.

Samsung Debuts Its Metal Savour The Galaxy Alpha ~ MobileSyrup
After months of speculation and leaks, it would seem that its official–Samsung is officially putting out a metal galaxy. While it might not be the most powerful Galaxy device in the line-up, spec sheets show it should be a competent device with a price that Samsung hopes will turn around its recent performance slump.


Motorola Launching Moto X+1, Moto G2, Moto 360 and More on September 4th ~ MobileSyrup
A recent press invite from Motorola hints that we could be seeing a whole slew of new devices very shortly from the popular manufacturer. Mobile Syrup breaks down the devices and rounds up the rumors of what we should expect to see.


LEGO’s 3 New FUSION Apps Might Blow Your Mind by Turning Physical Blocks into Virtual Creations ~ Android Police
You’re never too old to break out the LEGOs. Everyone’s favorite building blocks are joining the recent trends of toy/app interaction to bring three different games you can play on your phone or tablet using LEGOs. From a basic racer to a full-blown tower defense game, there’s something for fans of any age to enjoy.

HTC is Bringing Its In-House Apps to the Rest of Android ~ Engadget
While HTC devices haven’t always dominated the market, their unique apps and Sense UI have been real crowd pleasers. HTC hope to bring much of this to the rest of Android in the coming months through their HTC Creative Labs. First on the list is Zoe, a Vine-like video app, with more to follow.

Official Goat Simulator Coming to Android and iOS ~ Phone Arena
Goat Simulator came out of no where and suprised PC gamers around the world. With it’s weird mix of simulation game, bizarre game glitches and one-of-a-kind gameplay, it carved out a niche in PC gaming history. It’s now being ported to Android so you can get you goat fix while on the go.

That’s the big news in Android for this week!
We’ll be back next weekend with a new list of bits and bytes for you to enjoy.