Top 10 MMO’s for Android (Part 2)

In a previous feature (which you should totally check out here), we covered 5 of the best MMO’s you can get on your Android device, be it a phone or tablet. Now, we’re back for part two.

Here we’re going to show you 5 more MMO’s you can download, that are quite frankly the best on the Google Play store. Yes, these apps are even better than the last list. Even better, the majority of the 5 we’re about to list are FREE in some fashion and those that you have to buy are definitely worth the price.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

5. The Infinite Black

infinite black

Developed by the teams at Whalesong Games, The Infinite Black is a MMO that is centered around space exploration. That’s right, you get to pilot your very own spaceship!

You don’t just get one ship though, you can command entire fleets together with friends in interstellar space combat against real people. Even if fighting isn’t for you, there’s still plenty of depth to experience here.

While being a space warrior is an obvious route to go, there’s also the ability to become a trader, spy, smuggler, or even a space pirate. The game is free-to-play, with the option to purchase in-game currency called BlackDollars. While the game is out of open beta, the team still takes any suggestions into consideration with a big possibility of inclusion in the game.

4. Vendetta Online


Guild Software has developed a fully-realized 3D MMO that is compatible with the desktop computer versions, be it Mac, Linux, or Windows. What this means is that even if you’re playing on Android, your account is linked to the desktop versions so you can pick up and play wherever you are.

Vendetta Online is similar to The Infinite Black in that it is a space MMO. The difference is that Vendetta allows you to pilot your ship in full 3D. This does come at a cost however. The game does require a rather large amount of memory for an Android game, as well as RAM space.

Also, the game is free to download but requires a $1 a month subscription fee. That fee does cover for all versions of the game though. You don’t have to pay the subscription if you don’t want to though. There is a single player offline mode that is free, as well as an eight hour trial version of the full MMO experience. Whether you wish to trade and make money or fight in large-scale battles, there is a play style in Vendetta Online to suit your desires.

3. Star Legends


Continuing the theme of space, Star Legends is also a MMO that revolves around the theme of the future. However, it isn’t a ship-based MMO like that of the two previous games.

Developed by Spacetime Studios (mentioned in the previous feature), this game is much more akin to the previously mentioned MMO, Pocket Legends. While Pocket Legends was fantasy-themed, Star Legends is in a sci-fi setting. Gone are swords, bows, and magic, replaced by lasers and blasters. Embark on seamlessly connected online missions with people from around the world.

If you enjoyed Pocket Legends or just want something Star Wars-like, this is the free MMO for you.

2. Order & Chaos Online


A MMO list would not be complete without this mobile wonder. The brilliant minds at Gameloft have crafted a MMO that is, well, pretty much World of Warcraft in your pocket. Yeah, I’m not lying. Order & Chaos Online is a fantasy MMO with a hotbar, 4 different races divided into two sides (Order and Chaos), different classes, the typical quests, PvP (player versus player), a large world to explore, a full chat and emote system, and millions of people playing online. Not to mention it even looks like WoW. All this fancy stuff does come at a price.

A huge download size and a $6.99 cost is what’s standing between you and a true PC-like experience in the palm of your hand. There was, like WoW, a subscription originally but they have since dropped that in favor of a one-time purchase.

And the #1 MMO on Google Play is…

1. Pocket Empires


Surprised? Well, don’t be. The developers at Friendol and Pocket Play have created a true Real Time Strategy MMO. This MMORTS, like Order & Chaos Online, is something you would expect from a console or PC game. The graphics may seem mobile-like, but the depth of this game is not. Like Haypi Kingdom (mentioned in previous feature), you build a city on a world map and create an army to fight against real people. Similarities end there.

Pocket Empires features the best chat system on any mobile game, with even dedicated Moderators online occasionally. There are over a dozen different human troops and siege weapons to build your army with. There are monsters scattered across the world map with which you can defeat and capture to use in your army. There are alliances to join and two factions (Dragon and Phoenix) that are warring over a section of the map called the WarZone.

With a fully realized stock market (it even crashes!), active players, and more, this is a free MMO that will have you playing just so you can figure out what is going on.

Happy Gaming

There you have it! We’ve given you 10 MMO’s that cater to a range of players and will you keep you busy for hours.

We’ll see you on the battlefield, spaceship, etc.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I’m wondering though, what is the minimum req. for the games, i.e. is 512MB RAM okay or it should be at least 1GB RAM? and single core or dual core or more?

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