Google to unveil Nexus 10, Nexus 7, LG Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 on October 29

Google is set to launch 3 new devices and the latest version of its Android platform at its October 29th event. Just about a week before the event, a source revealed to tech site TheNextWeb the juicy details about the event. What You Need To Know: According to the leak, Google is set to reveal […]

Motorola earnings continue to hamper Google

Motorola Mobility continued its slide even after being acquired by Google. For the third quarter of this year, Motorola’s earnings report was less than satisfactory. Google thought that Motorola was the key to be competitive in the smartphone race. However, it appears that only Apple and Samsung were profitable in the smartphone industry, leaving other […]

PlayMG launches dedicated Android gaming device

As smartphones have become more advanced, mobile games have also become more sophisticated. To take advantage of the surging growth of mobile gaming, startup company PlayMG has released MG, an Android phone that is totally dedicated to Android gaming. What You Need To Know: The MG phone has a 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM. It […]

Sony rumored to enter phablet game with two new devices

If the rumors are to be believed, it appears that Sony is joining in the phablet club. Latest rumors revealed that Sony is working on two new phablets. Last week, reports of a 5-inch circulated around the web. However, recently, benchmark results of a 6-inch phablet surfaced. What You Need To Know: The 5-inch phablet […]

LG Nexus 4 rumored to be revealed on October 29

Over the week, there has been no shortage of rumors and leaks about the LG Nexus 4 phone. The leaks just kept on coming. Moreover, a review is already posted prior to its official launching. Here’s a rundown of what we know so far about the device. What You Need To Know: The LG Nexus […]

Samsung introduces Galaxy Music smartphone

Samsung has a new smartphone that may appeal music lovers. Introducing the Galaxy Music, it is an entry-level Android 4.0 ICS phone which is loaded with music-oriented features. What You Need To Know: The Samsung Galaxy Music has a 3-inch QVGA display with 240 x 320 pixel resolution. It also has a 3MP rear-camera, 512MB […]

HTC profit continues to slide

HTC has continued to drop as it struggles to compete in a tight smartphone race. For the third quarter of this year, HTC profit dropped to an all-time low since 2006 as it fails to compete against Apple and Samsung. In 2010, HTC was the biggest Android smartphone manufacturer. However, since last year, HTC was […]

Motorola to ditch Webtop concept

Just as expected, Motorola is ditching Webtop. Motorola recently made a statement to CNET that it officially killed off its Webtop concept, which enabled Motorola smartphones to serve as the brains of a Lapdock or TV. What You Need To Know: The Webtop concept was first revealed in the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. It featured […]

Google and LG set to reveal Android 4.2 in November

According to recent rumors, Google is set to officially reveal Android 4.2 in November. The event will be co-hosted with LG as the company will also reveal the LG Optimus G Nexus running the latest Android OS. What You Need To Know: Rumors suggest that the Android 4.2 features minor updates from Android 4.1. The […]

LG Optimus G officially heading to AT&T and Sprint

LG’s newest flagship phone, the Optimus G, will be heading to the 4G LTE networks of AT&T and Sprint. Recently, LG officially announced that AT&T and Sprint will be the first to carry its powerful phone. However, there is still no definite word regarding release date and pricing. What You Need To Know: On paper, […]