Here’s The 5 Best Free Apps for Private Texting & Calling on Android

The more we use mobile devices to communicate, the more information we store on our phones and tablets that we wouldn’t necessarily want others to see. Fortunately, whether you’re looking to keep sensitive photos or attachments safe from prying eyes or looking to lock down your messages and contacts, there’s a number of apps ready […]

Super Mario Run Now Saving Princesses on Android

The world’s most famous plumber is now officially saving princesses on Android! Originally expected to launch March 23rd, the game is now available to anyone running Android 4.2 or higher. Despite the runaway success of the iOS version released back on December 15th, reviews have been mixed. People loved the game. But they found the […]

The 5 Best Free-To-Play Apps in 2016 So Far

With an absolute overabundance of gaming apps now available on both iOS and Android it’s no wonder that so many of the smaller and independent mobile developments often find themselves overlooked in this endless pool of app-based choice. We take a look at some of the best free-to- play apps and games now available.

Top Android To-Do List Apps

We, at AndroGeek, cannot express how much we love Android. The freedom, the flexibility, the diversity – these are the factors that keeps us “happy campers.” But although we love Android down to the core, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re frail and imperfect human beings. We’re not robots for Android’s sake. We forget […]

Find The Cheapest Flights! Here’s 5 Ticket Apps Your Airline Doesn’t Want You To Download

Everyone wants to travel to an exotic locale, but many people don’t want to deal with the hassle of booking plane tickets, hotels, cars and tours. For flights, many people continue booking directly through airlines believing that they will receive the best deals. Unless you have frequent flier miles for a particular airline, you’re better […]

Cheers! Here’s 5 Great Android Apps for Wine Lovers

There isn’t much in this world that can give you quite the level of sophistication like knowing your wine. While some people have spent their whole lives tasting and pairing wines, the majority of us don’t have the tastebuds or memory to remember all the different types and brands. Lucky for you, there are plenty […]

5 Best Racing Games for Android

Android users live their lives on the fast lane. We’re talking about faster processors, faster operating systems, and faster software applications.  So what do Android geeks do when everything else around them gets slow and boring? Of course, they play games, and we mean racing games – the ones that bring excitement, thrill, and euphoria. Today, we […]

How To: Keep Photos Private on Your Android Phone or Tablet

In addition to keeping text messages private, we all have those private shots and embarrassing photos we’d also like to hide away. The thing is that often times, we don’t want to delete those photos. They provide personal entertainment and great or not so great memories of some interesting times. So what can we do with photos we […]

How To: Play Nintendeo DS, PlayStation, PSP & Other Console Games on Your Android

In a previous feature, we took a look at how you could use emulators to play retro games for systems like the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and Gameboy on your Android smartphone or tablet. Now, lets jump further into time and cover how you can do the same on for […]

Top 10 MMO’s for Android (Part 2)

In a previous feature (which you should totally check out here), we covered 5 of the best MMO’s you can get on your Android device, be it a phone or tablet. Now, we’re back for part two. Here we’re going to show you 5 more MMO’s you can download, that are quite frankly the best […]