Google and LG set to reveal Android 4.2 in November

According to recent rumors, Google is set to officially reveal Android 4.2 in November. The event will be co-hosted with LG as the company will also reveal the LG Optimus G Nexus running the latest Android OS. What You Need To Know: Rumors … [Continue Reading...]

LG Optimus G officially heading to AT&T and Sprint

LG’s newest flagship phone, the Optimus G, will be heading to the 4G LTE networks of AT&T and Sprint. Recently, LG officially announced that AT&T and Sprint will be the first to carry its powerful phone. However, there is still no definite … [Continue Reading...]

AT&T adding 3 new HTC devices to its lineup

After making an announcement of its plans to add 4 new Samsung devices last week, AT&T recently made another major announcement announcing the addition of 3 new HTC phones. Starting in November, AT&T will be releasing HTC’s Window Phone 8x. … [Continue Reading...]

James Bond’s Sony Xperia TL coming to AT&T

Officially known as James Bond’s phone, the Sony Xperia TL will soon land on U.S. shores through AT&T. The Android 4.0 device offers “one-touch” NFC connectivity and runs on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. What You Need To Know: The Sony Xperia … [Continue Reading...]

AT&T adding 4 new Samsung devices to its lineup

The holiday season is fast approaching. Phone manufacturers and carriers are gearing up for another busy season this year. AT&T has recently announced that it will be releasing 4 new Samsung devices in the coming months. Pricing and availability … [Continue Reading...]

Samsung releases OTA update to address Galaxy S III hack

After a recently discovered security flaw in the Samsung Galaxy S III and other Samsung devices, Samsung has released an over the air (OTA) update to address the problem. The OTA update secures Galaxy S III owners from the factory-reset hack that … [Continue Reading...]

Kindle Fire HD has 11% of all Kindle Fire traffic

Within the first week of the launching of the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon’s new device is already gaining a substantial share of the overall Kindle Fire family usage. Research firm Chitika has monitored the Kindle Fire HD usage relative to the Kindle Fire … [Continue Reading...]

Meet the ICS Matrix One tablet for just $59.99

Who would have thought that you could have an Android tablet with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the OS for just $59.99? Yes, it’s just $59.99. Introducing the Matrix One, an ICS tablet that might fall into the low-end category of tablets, but its … [Continue Reading...]

LG Venice coming to Boost Mobile on October 10

The LG Venice, a LG Optimus L7 reboot, is making its way to Boost Mobile. The phone’s hardware may not wow customers, but the phone’s selling point is Boost Mobile's monthly unlimited plan that can be paired with the phone. What You Need To … [Continue Reading...]

ASUS Padfone 2 full specs leaked prior to October unveiling

A leak of the upcoming ASUS Padfone 2 has been circulating around tech sites recently. The latest leak shows full specs for the Padfone 2. Previous rumors about the device may have been unreliable, but this recent leak may hold water as it features a … [Continue Reading...]